robin box


    • With the national bird in mind, we designed this small open-fronted box which is proved to be preferred by robins, wrens and flycatchers as they dislike nesting in boxes with small holes. 

      As with all the habi-sabi boxes, the robin box is made of an innovative material that won’t rot, expand or warp. It is not toxic and completely safe for birds and humans and it has excellent insulation properties to keep the robins at good temperatures. There is no need for painting or varnishing, and you can just wipe the box clean with a damp cloth.  With a life-span of 20-25 years you will see many generations of birds going through this little home. 

      The box should be installed 2-4m off the ground, preferably on a wall or a tree trunk or place to in a climbing plant like ivy or honeysuckle. Keep in mind that small predators can reach this boxes if hung on conspicuous trees or bushes, having an open outlook is important.

    • As well as being constructed from an innovative and sustainable material, this unique Robin Box is:
      • Rapidly deployable – can be built in 8 minutes with no nails or screws
      • Hand assembled - no tools needed - just a little sandpaper
      • Lightweight & designed to be hung from an exterior wall
      • 19 cm high x 19 cm wide x 18 cm deep
      • Inner nesting chamber of 13 cm high x 12.5 cm wide x 13 cm deep
      • Weighs 3 kg
      • Upcycled
      • Fully compliant with RSPB guidelines
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