little bird house


    • With many bird species declining in numbers in our gardens due to the difficulty to find suitable places to nest, the little bird house is one of the easiest and  best ways to help little birds and enjoy the life they bring to your garden. This nest box is designed for fixing to a tree trunk, wall or fence making it a great addition to your garden. Little birds will appreciate this warm, dry, secure and well insulated house. 

      Your bird house comes with a 26mm entrance hole to attract great tits, blue tits, marsh tits, coal tits and tree sparrows. Made of habi-sabi’s signature innovative material, this box will last 20+ years and will not rot, warp or expand.

      The box should be installed 2-4m off the ground, preferably on a wall or a tree trunk. Please allow for a clear flight path to the entrance hole and make sure the entrance is not facing strong winds or direct sunlight.

    • Our nest boxes are constructed from an innovative and sustainable upcycled material, and can be assembled with just your hands and sand paper in 10 minutes. These unique boxes are also:
      • Lightweight & designed to be hung from an exterior wall or securely fixed to a tree
      • Long lasting and low maintenance: unlike wood the material does not shrink or warp or rot
      • Fully water resistant
      • 25.5 cm tall x 20 cm wide x 17 cm deep.
      • Nesting interior chamber 11-20 cm high x 12 cm wide x 12 cm deep
      • Light - weighs 1.5kg
      • Upcycled
      • Fully compliant with RSPB guidelines
  • The new little bird house is available for shipping. We offer 2-5 days shipping in the UK. Orders placed after midday will be processed by next day. Please note we don't deliver on weekends. We ship worldwide, please select your country on check out to find out shipping costs.
  • Our bird boxes are easily assembled by hand without tools in under 10 minutes. All you need is some sand paper. Your boxes come with an assembly manual. You can also download here
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