double swift box


    • The habi-sabi double compartment swift box is a flat pack nesting aide for swifts who are threatened in our cities. Swifts used to nest under the eaves of our buildings and as clean and quiet birds lived quite happily alongside us, but recently we have been sealing up our buildings which can mean, as migrants, that when they arrive in the summer from Africa they find themselves homeless. Swifts will happily nest in urban environments as they can fly far to find food and drink raindrops while flying. They are truly amazing birds who never land at all except to nest. Our Swift Box has two chambers for nesting pairs as swifts like to nest in colonies. Installing swifts calls helps to attract pairs searching for nest places to see if there might be a vacant place. These are available via Swift Conservation
    • As well as being constructed from an innovative and sustainable material, this unique double compartment swift box is:
      • Rapidly deployable – can be built in 20 minutes with no nails or screws
      • Built with your hands, sandpaper and a screwdriver for fixing to the wall
      • Lightweight & designed to be hung from an exterior wall
      • Long lasting – material has a 25 year life span
      • 73cm long x 22cm wide x 24cm deep with two interior chambers for nesting.
      • Weighs 5kg
      • Upcycled
      • Fully Compliant with RSPB guidelines
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