day and night box


  • This clever and versatile box can host swifts in the Summer whilst providing shelter for bats all year round. 

    The box has a nesting chamber for swifts ample enough to allow a pair to  raise their young. It has a recess in the rear panel with a bat slope to the roost. 

    Ideally the box should be at least 6 to 7m above the ground with an unobstructed access for birds entering and leaving the box. A clear distance (drop) below the box is recommended (preferably 5m or more). The nest box is made from habi-sabi’s signature innovative material, which does not rot, warp or expand and is safe for animals and humans. 

  • As well as being constructed from an innovative and sustainable material, this unique box is:
    • Rapidly deployable – can be built in 8 minutes with no nails or screws
    • Hand assembled - no tools needed - just a little sandpaper
    • Lightweight & designed to be hung from an exterior wall
    • 28cm tall x 41cm wide x 25cm deep
    • Nesting chamber is 9 - 14cm high x 32cm wide x 14cm deep
    • Weighs 3.2 kg
    • Upcycled
    • Fully compliant with RSPB guidelines
  • The new day and night boxes have recently been installed at London's Zoological Society. We offer 2-5 days shipping in the UK. Orders placed after midday will be processed by next day. Please note we don't deliver on weekends. For worldwide delivery please select your country of residence on check out to find out shipping costs.   
  • For wholesale prices please contact us at

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