To thrive in the urban environment, birds, bats and bees must have access to food and water. The InMidtown habi-sabi planter is a starting point to provide nectar, pollen, fruits and seeds. A pesticide-free environment is always preferable and healthier for the wildlife. Try where possible to also restrict your plant choice to native species. Some recommended plants are listed below.


Flowers: Corncockle | Cornflower | Corn Marigold | Corn Poppy | English Bluebell (spring) | Field Poppies (summer) | Foxgloves | Knapweed (summer to autumn) | Mallow (summer to autumn) | Oxeye Daisy (summer) | Penstemon | Potentilla | Primrose (spring) | Red Campion (spring) | Scabious (summer) | Sedum |Snap dragon | St John’s Wort (spring) | Wood Forget-me-not (spring) | Yarrow (early summer)

Herbs: Angelica | Bergamot (summer to early autumn) | Borage (spring to early autumn) | Coriander (summer) | Cow Parsley | English Marigolds | Fennel (summer to early autumn) | Feverfew (summer to autumn) | Hyssop (summer to early autumn) | Lavenders | Lemon Balm | Marjoram (summer) | Rosemary (spring) | Sweet Cicely (spring to early summer) | Thyme (summer)

Trees & Shrubs: Bramble (climber) | Crab Apple | Dog Rose (climber) | Elder (small) | Gorse (shrub) | Guelder Rose (shrub) | Hawthorn | Hazel | Honeysuckle (native honeysuckle) | Ivy (climber) | Pussy Willow