How do I assemble my box?

The boxes can all be assembled by hand. You don’t need any tools, just some sandpaper to correct any imperfections in this recycled material. All the boxes come with a detailed assembly manual, but you can also download a copy from the product page under the Assembly tab. We've also prepared a series of videos to guide you through the process.  

Where should I put my box?

Where should I put my Bat Box?
The advice from the Bat Conservation Trust is boxes are more likely to be used if they are put up where bats are known to feed. Ideally, several boxes should be put up facing in different directions to provide a range of conditions. Boxes should be put as high as possible in sheltered sunny places. On buildings, boxes should be placed as close to the eaves as possible. Some bats use a tree line or hedgerow for navigation. Putting boxes near these features may help the bats find the box. Top tips for box location

  • Put them close to hedges and tree lines
  • At least 4 or 5m above the ground
  • Sheltered from strong winds and exposed to the sun for part of the day (usually south or south-west)

How do I know if there are bats in my box?
Bats need time to find and explore new homes, and it may be several years before boxes have residents – be patient! Droppings on the landing area, urine stains around the lower parts of the box and chittering noises from inside on warm afternoons and evenings are signs of occupation. Remember that only persons licensed to handle bats should open this box.

Where should I sit my Bird Box?
It depends on the bird you're hoping to attract, but in general, it’s important to provide a safe comfortable environment for your birds. Avoid siting the boxes on south or west facing walls so the babies don't get too hot. We wrote a blogpost with tips for placing the bird boxes and you can also find that the British Trust for Ornithology has good guidelines, as does RSBP

Please do contact us if you have any site specific questions about your particular box and we will do our best to help. 


Can I paint my box?
The boxes can be painted if you wish but there is no need as the material does not rot or warp. If you do choose to paint the box though it will make it harder to take it apart as the joints might be sealed by the paint. If you avoid the joints though this will not be a problem. When choosing paint go for a water-based preservative (preferably one that complies with standard EN71 part 3 as safe for children's toys). Such paint/preservative types are clearly marked on the container, and are available from DIY stores and hardware shops. Preservatives should only be applied to the outside of the box. Apply in the winter, when there is a low likelihood of occupancy. This will allow time for any remaining volatile components to evaporate.



What is the lifespan of the material?
The material has a 25 year lifespan. It is completely stable and does not rot or warp or warp. We love it! Find out why.

Is it environmentally friendly?
Yes! it is made from household material which would otherwise go into landfill. The material been formed by compression, with fibres from car bodies providing strength. There are no glues or formaldehyde making it very safe for birds and bees and bats and you as there is no off gassing. Find out more

Can I recycle? Where can I put them?
Our boxes are made for life, not for landfill. The material does not rot or warp and lasts for up to 25 years. But if you still find you no longer are able to support your nestbox, why not give it to a friend or your local park. If that still doesn’t work then if you send it to us we will send it back to the manufacturers to recycle.


Cleaning / Maintenance

Should I clean my swift box? Its really high up and hard to reach.
Swift boxes do not need cleaning as they are very clean birds and the nest lining is usually eaten by insects over the winter.

When is the best time to clean my bat box?
Our bat boxes should not need any cleaning or maintenance. Only persons licensed to handle bats should open this box.

I have had two broods of Great Tits in my Little Bird Box. Should I clean it out?
It is good policy to clean both the Little Bird and Starling Boxes in the autumn. Please do not clean them any later than the end of January. They can be dismantled [carefully] and cleaned with warm water and a sponge or scrubbing brush. You can find out more about nestbox cleaning from the British Trust for Ornithology.



Help! I broke a piece of my box, can I order a new piece?

Don't worry, it has happened before. We have spares. Contact us with a description of the piece you need, and preferably a photo of the broken piece too.


Shipping questions

My box is not here, where is it?

Please send us the reference number emailed when we shipped you the box to info@habi-sabi.com and we will provide an update for you. Alternatively you could call us on 0203 355 1205.


Returns Policy

I changed my mind and would like to return my box

Please see the returns policy on the main website for full details. Our policy lasts 30 days.After that unfortunately we can’t offer you a refund or exchange. To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging. To complete your return, we require a receipt or proof of purchase. 



We will replace any pieces broken in shipping if you let us know by email on info@habi-sabi.com within 24 hours of receiving the parcel and return it to us with details of your original purchase and address. A photograph of the damaged box would also be appreciated. We also offer spare parts to purchase if you need to replace a piece.