About Us

habi-sabi is made in London, designed by architects at 51 architecture, an AIA & RIBA award winning practice who work with creative professionals in historic and listed environments, on sites of special scientific interest and areas of outstanding natural beauty at home and abroad.

When we look at the city today we think of the mountains, where there are few trees and the soil is thin and yet a great variety of plants and insects are still able to thrive there, with rainwater caught in tiny pools between the rocks. Providing water, food and safe spaces for wildlife help us all to continue to appreciate nature even in our cities.

To create the collection we were inspired by wabi-sabi, a Japanese philosophy embracing a simple aesthetic that grew stronger as inessentials were eliminated and trimmed away. wabi-sabi’s origins are in ancient ways of understanding and living, in appreciating nature and materials that age and weather.

It began to shape Japanese culture when a Zen priest discarded the fancy gold, jade and porcelain from the tea ceremony and introduced simple, rough, wooden and clay instruments.

The materials used for habi-sabi are humble and sustainable. Recycled board from consumer waste which would otherwise end up in landfill insulates and does not rot. It weathers a soft gold and needs no finishing. The flatpack designs allow flexibility and versatility. They can be assembled by hand only, with maybe a little use of sandpaper. The only tool you may need is a hammer or drill for fixing to the wall.