Building homes for nature

We're huge fans of the RSPB's initiative Make a home for wildlife. Over on their website they have tons of ideas and activities to do either in your garden, on your balcony or in your neighbourhood.  You can choose what type of environment you'd like to work in, what type of nature you're looking to support and how much time you've got and their site will suggest a number of activities. View full article →

We Love Swifts

 Screaming Party. Copyright Bernard Genton

Over the following weeks we will be sharing swift pictures and facts over TwitterInstagram and Facebook under the hashtags #swiftfacts and #saveourswifts. Please join us by sharing your swift stories, facts and images or videos. We look forward to seeing them and spreading the word on how wonderful swifts are for many more to enjoy and be aware of them this summer.  Help us spread the word about swifts and their needs so we can continue to enjoy their visits for many more summers to come.

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May 05, 2015

Thank you for your support!

We're thrilled that within a few months of officially opening our on-line shop we're sold out of three of five of our wonderful boxes. We're sure birds and bats are with us when we say a wholeheartedly thank you for supporting Habi-Sabi and giving nature a home.

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April 23, 2015

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Wabi-Sabi: A Design Philosophy

Where does the Habi-Sabi design philosophy come from? In the words of Tadao Ando, Wabi-Sabi is 'the Japanese view of life embraced a simple aesthetic that grew stronger as inessentials were eliminated and trimmed away.' Click here to read more on Wabi-Sabi and how it has inspired our designs.
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Why does urban habitat matter?

The fragmentation of urban habitats is challenging for us: seeing and interacting with nature is important for both our health and happiness. But it is far more challenging for wildlife. Read about the habitat island effect here.

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Tips on placing your Little Bird Boxes

 yuki5287 from Fukuoka city, Japan, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

"This weekend we will install our Little Bird Box on a three hundred year old cherry tree in a small village deep into the mountains of Niigata. They still have 1.5 meters of snow so it will be interesting. With this project in mind we put together a checklist for installing your Habi-Sabi boxes." Carolina Vallejo. from Tokyo

Image credit: yuki5287 from Fukuoka city, Japan, CC BY 2.0

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Read this and love Swifts!

"There’s nothing like Swifts for brightening up our lives. Only Swifts can add such dash, excitement and drama to the sky. Nothing else can get near to flying like that, and bring that something extra special to the skies above even the grimmest townscape." Edward Mayer

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Edward Mayer talks about swifts

As we announced earlier, the wonderful Edward Mayer from Swift Conservation UK came to Habi-Sabi HQ to share with us some of his vast expertise on swifts. We managed to pull him aside for a few minutes to ask him basic facts about the swift life-cycle and how we can best support them in our cities.

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February 27, 2015

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Edward Mayer at Habi-Sabi

Ed Mayer from swift conservation UK at the Habi-Sabi HQ

We were lucky today to have Ed Mayer, one of our favorite people, coming to Habi-Sabi HQ for lunch. Over an incredibly tasty homemade pie Ed shared with us his swift stories and gave us a few tips for a project we're working on with the swift boxes to allow for monitoring the colonies.


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December 03, 2014

Sustainable Beekeeping

Towards Sustainable Beekeeping, by David Heaf highlights current unsustainable practices in beekeeping. One of the issues stressed is the practice of feeding the bees.
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