Materials for a Sustainable Future

Here at Habi-Sabi we're passionate about the environment. We aim at living a sustainable life producing as little waste as possible and to make life better for the species that share the planet with us. Partly because of this and partly because we're a bunch of architectural geeks, we get excited about materials for construction that change the ways we've been working and challenge us to think of better practices to build. And is with one particular material that blew our mind that Habi-Sabi started to take form as something more than a nice idea and became a business. 

We have a technical page talking about Phonoterm 200 and listing the many amazing features this material has. But today, I'd thought we should tell you more about it without using so much technical jargon. Imagine a material that is 100% recycled and 100% recyclable after their life span finishes. Now, think of a material that is water resistant, that doesn't warp, rot or expands and that has excellent insulation capacities, better than plywood or solid plastic boards even. Great, isn't it? But what's best is that this material was the brain child of material scientists looking for creative answers to our ongoing waste producing problem. Phonoterm came to be from taking waste that would go to landfill from the refrigerator and car industry and compressing it without using any additives. This means that when you cut it you have no nasty toxic substances to breathe, it is safe and clean, so much so that we let our children sand it! 

When we first saw this at a fair, there was this guy with two transparent vessels, one containing plywood and another Phonoterm. The classic marketing demonstration. But it was truly amazing, the water in the vessel with Phonoterm remained clear to the point that the person doing the demonstration ended up drinking from it. This material is being used now in hundreds of places as insulation or board in conjunction with other materials but we're the first ones to explore its possibilities as the star of the show. And you know what? We won't be the only ones for too long. It is that good. 





Carolina Vallejo
Carolina Vallejo