We Love Swifts

 Screaming Party. Copyright Bernard Genton

Screaming Party © Bernard Genton


Summer is upon us and if you have been paying attention you might have already heard the calls from swifts. Some of you have asked us more information about swifts so we reached out to our friends at Action for Swifts and Swift Conservation who have shared with us this wonderful little booklet with beautiful pictures of swifts and many interesting facts to introduce this extraordinary bird to children and the general public. Feel free to share and if you'd like a printed version do email actionforswifts@gmail.com, they sell them for only £1.50.

Over the following weeks we will be sharing swift pictures and facts over Twitter, Instagram and Facebook under the hashtags #swiftfacts and #saveourswifts. Please join us by sharing your swift stories, facts and images or videos. We look forward to seeing them and spreading the word on how wonderful swifts are for many more to enjoy and be aware of them this summer.  Help us spread the word about swifts and their needs so we can continue to enjoy their visits for many more summers to come.

Carolina Vallejo
Carolina Vallejo