May 05, 2015

Thank you for your support!

We're thrilled that within a few months of officially opening our on-line shop we're sold out of three of five of our wonderful boxes. We're sure birds and bats are with us when we say a wholeheartedly thank you for supporting Habi-Sabi and giving nature a home.

If you are here to buy one of our boxes and just found out that they're gone do not fear, sold out does not mean you missed out. We're getting ready for production and will be delivering new boxes by end of July and beginning of August. So go ahead and pre-order, we will make sure your birds and bats will find a home for the summer and the coming seasons (for at least 20 years from now!). 

We're also at the stage in which our beautiful Bat Roosts are ready for production and we will be producing them at the same time that we update our stock.

Pre-order your Bat Boxes, Bat Roost, Little Bird Boxes and Starling Boxes now and we'll give you a 10% discount to say thank you.

Upwards and onwards!


Carolina Vallejo
Carolina Vallejo