December 03, 2014

Habi-Sabi for inMid-Town

51% Studios‘ rooftop Habi-Sabi collection won a com­pe­ti­tion run by inmidtown and The Archi­tec­ture Foun­da­tion. Pro­to­types were launched at an exhi­bi­tion in Renzo Piano’s Central Saint Giles in Feb­ru­ary 2012. The InMidtown suite is being installed on the rooftops and ter­races of busi­nesses around Hol­born and St Giles.

Entrants to the InMidtown Habitats competition were set the challenge of creating designs suitable for the varying terrain across the district, including green spaces, rooftops, and terraces of businesses in the Midtown area. The designs were then assessed by a panel of experts including a beekeeper, an ornithologist, a cost consultant and a bat expert.

51% Studios’ Habi-Sabi won both unanimous jury support and the majority of the public vote for their competition entry. The Habi-Sabi suite for InMidtown comprises a vertical National Standard Beehive, a combined Swift & Bat Box, a traditional Planter, a Tiny Pool with log store for insects below and a Gravel Tray.

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Catherine du Toit
Catherine du Toit