December 03, 2014

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Beehive Prototyping

51% Studios’ InMidtown Beehive prototype was tested during the wettest summer in history on the 7th floor of the Olswang offices where workers have set up a beekeeping club.

While exposed to the sun during the testing period, the beehive weathered to a soft gold. The material is made of 100% recycled Kingspan insulation and retains some insulation properties. It is also water resistant and has a 25 year life span so it provides a secure, warm and dry environment for the bees.

In August 2012 urban beekeeper Dr Luke Dixon declared the InMidtown Habi-Sabi beehive a success. The bees were relaxed and began producing dark (Chestnut) and light (Lime) honey within a few weeks.

Habi-Sabi hives replaced all of InMidtown’s existing hives and are also available to members of the public. Along with the Habi-Sabi Beehive, Planters and a Swift & Bat Box have been produced as part of 51% Studios’ winning entry in the InMidtown Habitats Competition run by the Architecture Foundation.


Catherine du Toit
Catherine du Toit