Inspired by Wabi-Sabi

Our boxes embrace a simple aesthetic, the materials we use are humble and sustainable. We work around the beauty of simple details and our design origins are based on a way of understanding and living that appreciates nature and materials that age and weather. Our flat packed designs are specially designed to support the needs of some of our vulnerable urban wildlife: birds, bats and bees.

Read this and love Swifts!

March 27, 2015

"There’s nothing like Swifts for brightening up our lives. Only Swifts can add such dash, excitement and drama to the sky. Nothing else can get near to flying like that, and bring that something extra special to the skies above even the grimmest townscape." Ed Mayer

Ed Mayer talks about swifts

March 04, 2015

As we announced earlier, the wonderful Ed Mayer from Swift Conservation UK came to Habi-Sabi HQ to share with us some of his vast expertise on swifts. We managed to pull him aside for a few minutes to ask him basic facts about the swift life-cycle and how we can best support them in our cities.